Artis Natura | Volume 1

L’eau sous toutes ses formes | Water in all its forms
L’imaginaire de la forêt | The forest imagined


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Artis Natura is a bilingual, serial publication of readings and art that critically engage with the world. We strive to bridge the gap between academia and artistry, to present a diverse anthology about the occupants, places, and phenomena of our shared home.

Artis Natura est une publication périodique bilingue qui pose un regard critique sur le monde qui nous entoure. Ce projet met en lien les domaines académique et artistique afin de proposer un recueil de perspectives sur les divers résidents, lieux et phénomènes qui peuplent notre habitat commun.

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1 review for Artis Natura | Volume 1

  1. Bernadette Martin

    I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully presented book of poems, prose and stories that link our shared experience on this planet. Artis Natura is a wonderful read that successfully highlights ‘words worth reading’ and art worth viewing.

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